Pasadena Psychologist,Dr. James Graves


"I was in therapy with Dr. Graves for several months in 2009. During that time I found him to be extremely wise, thoughtful and understanding of my issues. The progress I made during our time,
was enhanced by his years of experience in several professional fields and settings. I would highly recommend Dr. Graves to all men seeking the extra dimensions he offers in counseling."


"My husband and I have seen Dr. Graves consistently for the last two years. His technique is perfect for us because he listens attentively and is always unbiased. You know that he is truly interested in coming up with techniques, exercises, and advice that is tailored to our situation and personalities rather than just giving us generic 'talk'. I have been immensely impressed with his professionalism and warmth throughout the time we have worked with him."
~Natalie and Charlie

"Dr. Graves helped me resolve and let go of hurt, pain and confusion surrounding the death of my mother at a very young age. He helped me identify issues that I had repressed for over 14 years and worked with me to deal with them in a calm and reflective manner. I feel more at peace and happier now after working with Dr. Graves. He is a gentle listener who makes the entire counseling process comfortable and easy."

"I first began seeing Dr. Graves for addiction counseling 2 years ago. His down to earth approach helped me to identify the triggers that kept me in a cycle of addiction with cigarettes. I have been smoke-free since our first therapy session, and I had smoked for nearly 14 years. I am so glad that I finally sought the help of a professional, because I can't tell you how many times I tried to quit and failed on my own."


Pasadena Therapist, Dr. James Graves, provides Counseling for Individuals and Couples

Pasadena Psychologist, Dr. James Graves