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General Practice

Dr. Graves' overall practice includes both psychotherapy and executive coaching (Performance Management Associates). Psychotherapy clients come with a variety of concerns, such as depression, anxiety, addictions and compulsions, anger management issues, work or family stress, relationship issues, early-life abuse and other traumas. With broad training and experience, Dr. Graves provides a variety of approaches in psychotherapy to match the specific needs of each client in order to optimize their therapy process.

In addition to a general practice, Dr. Graves specializes in the areas of trauma, relationships and men's issues.

Trauma Issues

Trauma Issues Therapy

Psychological trauma and/or childhood abuse can lead to life-long emotional suffering.
Effective psychotherapy can end that suffering.

Pasadena Psychologist Dr. Jim Graves Treats PTSD, Anxiety and Depression

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Have you experienced a traumatic event recently or in the more distant past? Are you having nightmares or flashbacks, sleep difficulties, unusual irritability and anger, episodes of feeling "numb" or withdrawing from loved ones? Talk therapy or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) can help resolve the trauma and restore emotional health and well being.

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Depression and Anxiety

Are you experiencing depression and/or anxiety but can't seem to pinpoint the cause? Do you react to life events more strongly with depression, anxiety or anger than those around you seem to? These painful experiences may be related to a past psychological trauma, including but not limited to childhood abuse. Individual therapy can help you understand the origins of such painful emotions and resolve the traumatic experiences that are causing them so that you can lead the fulfilling life you deserve.

Dissociative Experiences

Do you experience periods of feeling "unreal," lose blocks of time or "space out" at inappropriate times? You may be experiencing an effect of psychological trauma known as dissociation. Individual therapy can help alleviate these situations and resolve the traumatic experiences that are causing them.

Relationship Issues

Relationship Counseling

Intimate relationships can be the most meaningful but sometimes the most troubling aspect of life. Help is available in several ways.

Pasadena Psychologist, Dr. James Graves Provides Relationship and Addiction Counseling

Couple Counseling

Most people are hard-wired from birth to seek a nurturing, intimate relationship in their lives. Often our joy in life and even our productivity at work are tied to the health of a loving relationship. When such relationships become difficult, the emotional pain can be excruciating and adversely affect various areas of our lives. If there are children in the family, their lives and emotional health may also be affected by a troubled relationship between the parents.

Are you in a romantic relationship that is emotionally draining much of the time? Is there conflict, distancing or betrayal going on? Or, does it just not feel as loving, intimate or emotionally nurturing as you had hoped? Couple counseling can help partners understand each other better and provide you with the tools to build a lasting, intimate relationship.

Individual Counseling for a Troubled Relationship

Are you in a troubled relationship where couple counseling is either not indicated or not desired by you or your partner. Are there personal issues that affect your relationship that you would like to resolve? Or, do you want to better understand the psychology of what's going on in the relationship? Individual counseling can often be helpful in such circumstances. In many situations it is entirely possible through individual counseling to develop some new approaches to your partner that will greatly improve the relationship. In other situations individual counseling may help clarify feelings and decisions about the future of the relationship.

Individual Counseling for Repetitive Problems with Relationships

Are you having difficulty finding that lasting, intimate relationship that you desire? Does it seem that you're attracted to the wrong people? Do you end up in serial relationships that are initially passionate but eventually result in a hurtful breakup? Understanding the psychology behind this cycle can be helpful in finding the right partner for a lasting, mutually loving relationship. Continuing with the counseling process as you seek out a new partner can provide the feedback needed to learn how to focus on those potential partners who would be good candidates to form that lasting relationship you desire.

Divorce Counseling

Unfortunately, some marriages are destined to result in divorce. The legal process of divorce, as well as the sense of loss and/or anger, can be very painful. And, especially when there are children involved, custody issues can make the process even more difficult and painful. Working with either the couple or an individual partner, it is possible to reduce the emotional turmoil of the divorce process and to minimize the psychological impact on the children. For a partner who feels left in the divorce, individual, supportive counseling can reduce the emotional pain and help him or her function more effectively through the process and beyond.

Treatment for Sex/pornography Addiction

Are you engaging in sexual activities that could endanger your health or your lifestyle and can't stop? Or, is watching pornography substituting for sex with a partner or endangering the relationship with your partner? Do these sexual activities provide only temporary relief from feeling down or anxious? Compulsive sex or pornography can be highly detrimental to one's life and relationships but can be treated in a way that restores healthy sexuality.

See Dr. Graves' interview discussing his approach to treatment of sex/pornography addiction.

Men's Issues

Counseling for Mens Issues

Men are as prone to emotional difficulties as women, but typically have fewer informal resources to assist with these issues.
Dr. Graves is an experienced executive coach, working with men in professional and senior management roles
as well as being understanding of and empathetic to several men's issues.

Pasadena Psychologist, Dr. James Graves Counsels on Men's Issues

Work-life Balance

Are you working such long hours that your family life is suffering? Feeling guilty about missing out on your kids' formative years? Is "burn out" approaching or already here? These and other work-life balance issues can be harmful to a man's health and happiness. Help is available to find the balance to optimize your desire for both a successful career and a nurturing family life.

Managing Work Relationships

Is a difficult relationship with your boss diminishing your work satisfaction and potential for success? Or, having difficulties supervising employees or working with peers? The skills of managing up, down and sideways can be crucial to job satisfaction and success. You can learn these skills in a supportive environment from an experienced executive coach and psychotherapist.

Career Issues

Are you feeling stuck in an unsatisfying career? Wanting to optimize your chances of promotion to the next level? Thinking of starting your own business but don't know how to get started? Help is available for these and other career issues from a coach and clinician who has had five successful careers over four-plus decades of working life.

Romantic and Intimacy Concerns

In general there are a few areas where men and women tend to have different approaches to romance and intimacy. Lack of understanding or failure to act on these differences can lead to difficulties finding a long-term romantic partner or maintaining such a relationship. Are you in either of those situations? Expert assistance is available to learn the skills of attracting and maintaining a long-term intimate relationship.

Divorcing and Co-parenting

Going through a divorce process, especially when there are children involved, can be a complicated and painful time. If the divorce process is not managed appropriately, children may be harmed psychologically. If you are thinking of or already engaged in divorcing, counseling can reduce the emotional pain, help manage the relationship aspects, and minimize the potential harm to your children

Pasadena Therapist, Dr. James Graves, provides Counseling for Individuals and Couples

Pasadena Psychologist, Dr. James Graves